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I thought it was about time that I started using this blog, especially as I asked Matt to make it work for me. I would like to point out though that he called me ‘a quietly mad scientist’, I don’t think I have the brain or thinking to be called that : )

Anyway, I’m not really sure what to write here and I’m not expecting many people to read it, which begs the question, ‘does it really matter’?

My day so far has consisted of catching up with things at home. I’m off work today because my foot is still painful (something snapped in it almost 2 weeks ago during our weekend in Paris). I’ve been able to catch up with things like my PGCE assignment, washing, tidying and now I’m in the middle of preparing a coffee morning slot but have lost inspiration. I though perhaps a break from it was required so that I can go back to it afresh. I’m giving the talk tomorrow though so I can’t procrastinate for too long. And I’ve got a whole list of things to after that. I think I will just have to post again later.

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